Fire & Candles


Insert a message inside a candle.  As the candle burns, the message reveals itself.

Warning! Use precaution when working with fire.  Make sure candles are not lit near flammable objects.  Also, be carful not to burn objects that might contain poisonous fumes.  Read the labels.

Supplies for One Candle

  1. A sheet of honeycomb candle wax
  2. Two large diameter wicks. Note that the thicker the wicks, the faster the candle will burn.  For this project disregard wick-size instructions you might encounter for a legitimate candle.  We want a fast burning candle, not the typical slow burning candle.
  3. plastic beads imprinted with letters of the alphabet
  4. Aluminum pie plate
  5. small can
  6. small nail
  7. fire extinguisher


  1. Roll one wick into the center of the candle.
  2. continue to roll the candle a few more turns
  3. insert lettered beads along one edge of the candle spelling a person’s name.
  4. Roll one more turn around
  5. insert the second wick
  6. Continue to roll the candle to completion ensuring that only the outside wick shows through the top.
  7. Decorate the candle however you want.  I simply rolled a contrasting colored strip of wax around the base.
  8. Tape candles to packages.

The Burning Station

Attach a small can to an aluminum pie dish using a small nail.  The nail provides a spike that will hold the candle upright while it burns.

Please be careful while burning.  Keep an extinguisher close by.