Timex Ironman Watch

In the mid-2000’s Timex sold the Ironman Datalink USB — a watch that you could program.  I reprogrammed the watch to help guests at the party find their gifts.  There is a different number on each gift.  Dial that number into the watch.  The person’s name is revealed after a countdown.


TWM Series Quick Start Guide

Congratulations on your purchase of the Timex® Data Link® TWM Series USB watch.

It’s a feature-poor ironic watch.
It’s a piece of TMW for your wrist.

This simple guide will get you started with your new Timex® Data Link® TWM Series USB watch and help you use a practically useless feature of the watch.  Please refer to the other Quick Start Guide® for help with the one useful feature of this watch.

What You Need


You need at least one finger with button pressing abilities.  An opposable thumb will help too.

Watch Controls

Please refer to the other Quick Start Guide® to identify the start/split, mode, and crown.

The Mad Timer

Press the mode until.  The Mad Timer mode materializes.  Turn the crown to a number that you desire.  Press start/split once or twice or three times until it beeps and countdown commences.  You will become happy when countdown concludes.







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