It is always fun to incorporate a game piece, a marble, a golf ball or some other small object into a Mad Wrapper gift giving event. People never tire of watching balls and other spherical objects cascade down tracks and tubes.  People love to move game pieces around a board, or work on jigsaw puzzles together.

Here are a few popular Mad Wrapper projects like this:

  1. Build a toothpick marble sorter that guides correctly sized marbles into labelled bins.B0001085
  2. Make a giant xylophone that noisily guides golf balls into bins.
  3. A bad chess game that prescribes absurdly stupid moves that spell a message.
  4. puzzlepiece64x64Strategically incomplete Jigsaw puzzles prove the benefits of negative space. Other Jigsaw puzzles must be fully assembled to unlock their mystery.
  5. A deck of playing cards can be abused in endless ways.  For instance, draw your victim’s name on the side of the pack before shuffling.
  6. Or just stick a simple tag on top of a Tinker Toy creation just to be funny.

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