Most people with common sense are thoughtful when picking out a gift to a friend.  Most are neat and brief as they write the card to go with it.  A simple hand written “To _____ From _____” message on a card is the practical, sensible thing to do.

Unfortunately The Mad Wrapper has no common sense and is completely impractical at every step of the way.  Not neat.  Never brief.

Why do it the easy way when there is a hard way!  -TMW

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Through the use of 3D cross-eyed imagery, jigsaw technology, marble madness, electronic geekatude, coils of heat, and real live fire, gifting takes on a whole new meaning when The Mad Wrapper arrives.  Watch out.  Beware. The crayons have already started to scribble and they are definitely outside the lines.

With more than 30 years of Mad Wrapper history built into this site, there should be plenty of subjects to peak anyone’s interest.  This website is both show-and-tell and HOWTO.  I have gathered together all of the pictures and videos that I could find from all my past Christmases and have created a story for every one.   Some descriptions are detailed and include all steps needed to build something.  Some presentations are no more than summaries but still quite capable of stirring sparks of imagination.



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