paper fortune

Messages “To/From” are written on grade-school folded-paper Fortune Teller. Directions on the sequence to follow are written on gifts.

Nearly any grade school child, if asked, will gladly tell your fortune from a homemade fortune telling device built entirely from a simple folded square of paper. If you listen carefully at any playground in America, you’ll hear the following game: “Pick a number …. one, two, three, four, five! … pick a color … B-L-U-E! …. pick another color …” Then, after some awkward unfolding, a predetermined message is read from under the flap: “You like to play in the mud!”

This fortune telling origami is well suited to gift giving. With up to eight names hidden under the four inside flaps, up to eight presents around the tree can be topped with secret codes for properly manipulating the paper fortune machine. If you cannot find a grade school child to build you one of these devices, the directions may be found at the library inside any one of many origami books.

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