Blockhead Augmented Reality

Use an iPhone Augmented Reality App to scan a QR code to find your gift.

2017 was an epic Mad Wrapper year of the magic of new technology.

  1. Download the free iPhone app on the Apple App Store. TMW Blockhead
  2. open the App
  3. Paint the table and the flour with special Mad Wrapper Wisdom Spew.
  4. Hover your iPhone over the QR code found on a package.
  5. Wait for it to say “click”
  6. Click the center of your iPhone and watch a blockhead drop onto the table (or flour).
  7. If the blockhead is you, upen the gift!

Before Christmas there was a doodle. The app did not do much but you could poke around and wonder what will happen when the timer goes off on Christmas morning enabling the full functionality:

Check it out.  Have fun idling your time with the doodle before Christmas then (WOW) on Christmas day something great happens that you won't want to miss.  (Did I say WOW!? Yup.  WOW.)  Run the app again on Christmas to get a whole new perspective on the world.

(The app only works on iOS 11 and only on the newer iPhones.  Hopefully you have an iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, or newer.  There appear to be some issues running iPads.)

Help Instructions

The Mad Wrapper says:

Gently paint graffiti from a height of 2 feet or more above your surface. Point your camera downward and sweep back and forth all the way there and back again — and maybe there again. Always make sure to completely paint the entire surface with graffiti. The world is indeed flat; you don’t want anything to fall off the edge! (In fact, this is most fun if you paint all of your table AND all of your floor.)

If you are working on a tabletop it might be best to select the 4-inch table topper option. If you are working off the floor consider the 20-inch floor model option. After tapping, you may need to take a step back — especially for the floor model.

After completely painting your table or floor with graffiti, place one wrapped gift on the surface and view it through the camera lens. When a gift has been found, the wrapping paper image will pop into view and park itself in the upper-left of your screen.

Now Tap!

To start over, there’s a button for that. Press “Start Fresh”!

QR Code Wrapping Paper

Print any of the following images then place it on your table to find more Blockheads:

Inside the package

Inside the package is found a blockhead Christmas ornament.  If you want to learn how to make one of these I created an Instructable Photo Cube in Resin.

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